Bell Schedule


The students will go to their designated areas in the schoolyard, gym, or lunchroom.

Teachers will arrive promptly at 7:30 A.M. to pick up their classes from the designated area.  It is very important that the children come into the building promptly to begin the day.

  • Kindergarten-Grade 5 line up in the lunchroom.
  • Grades 6 – 8  will be sent right to their classrooms.  During inclement weather, they will line up in the Gym

The entrance door in the school yard will be locked at 7:45 a.m.  Anyone arriving at the building after that time will need to use the main entrance (Saul St.).

In the case of inclement weather, K-4 students will report to their designated table in the lunchroom and 5-8 students will report to their designated areas in the gymnasium.


The teacher will walk the entire class to the proper door and see that the class leaves the building.  Dismissal is at 2:09 P.M.

  • Grade 1 & 4 will be dismissed from the Howell Street door by the schoolyard.
  • Grade 2 – will be dismissed from the Saul Street door, main entrance.
  • Grades 3 & 5 will be dismissed from the Comly Street door close to Saul Street.
  • Grades 6 – 8 will be dismissed from the Comly Street door close to Penn Street.
  • Kindergarten teachers will have their students ready for dismissal by 2:00 p.m. Kindergarten students can be picked up from the school yard starting at 2:00 p.m.

Any child that needs to pick up a sibling must do so after being dismissed.  No child is allowed to re-enter the building after dismissal.  He/She must walk around to the appropriate dismissal door to pick up a sibling.


When inclement weather makes it necessary to close schools, information is broadcast on radio and television by 6 a.m. When schools are open despite inclement weather, contingency plans should be made in advance in case of early closing of Philadelphia public schools. Parents must sign and return the form to the school that indicates whether their child can return home during an emergency closing or wait for pick-up. Parents of students in grades K-2 will receive a phone call from the school notifying you of the school emergency closing. Parents will be asked to complete and return a form indicating their emergency closing plan for their child. This plan can include one or more of the following procedures:

Children (especially older children) may have a key so they can enter the home when they arrive.
A neighbor may be asked to have the children stay with them until their parents arrive home.
A relative may be able to meet with the children at their home or have the children go to the relative’s home until the parent arrives.