Special Release Procedures



A.        Only the principal or the principal’s designee may grant the early release of students during the school day.  The principal and designee must be fully informed regarding the procedure and process.

B.        All of the following procedures apply to all of the students in the building, including pre-kindergarten students.

C.        Under no circumstance may a pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade pupil be released to an adult who is not properly identified.  In addition to obtaining valid identification from the individual who is picking up the student, school-based staff must also check the student’s pocket/record to determine if the child’s parent or legal guardian has approved or denied the individual’s access to the student. Please enter all court orders into the SIS. Please also check the SIS to see if there are any current legal alerts. If there are any Judicial orders in the student’s record/pocket and there are any concerns about those orders please call the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at 215-400-4830.

D.        Valid identification must include the photograph and signature of the individual picking up the student.  A government-issued ID is preferred.

E.        The release must take place in the school office and not in any other location in the school.  Students may not be released from the nurse’s office.  Under no circumstance is non-school staff to be wandering unaccompanied in the school building.

F.        Visitation by parents/guardians that do not have an educational purpose will not be permitted.

G.        If there is not an emergency situation, those individuals listed on the emergency pickup card cannot remove the child from school without the parent/guardian’s approval.

H.        When a written request is received by the parent/guardian to release any student to someone other than the guardian, the authenticity of the request must be established.  Telephone requests must be carefully screened.  Parents/guardians should be advised that approval of the release of their child to another adult, based on written or telephone requests, may be refused.

For all students released early, the following information must be recorded in the school office:

1.        Date
2.        Pupil’s name
3.        Room Number
4.        Time of dismissal
5.        Adult’s name (printed and signed)
6.        Relationship to student
7.        Type of identification used
8.        Staff initials
9.        If age-appropriate, student initials