Ziegler family and student

Ziegler family and students

Ziegler School Improvement Plan 2022-2023

William H. Ziegler SchoolSchool Improvement Plan

Ziegler School-Parent Compact

Ziegler Community Contact

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 Handbooks and Guides

This year we will send home Ziegler’s Student Handbook and the School Compact booklet.  We also sent home the Student Code of Conduct booklet. If you are interested in helping out at Ziegler this year, a Parent Involvement Packet went home also. You can also download it by clicking on which guide you need.

Permission Forms

During the school year your child(ren) will work on projects and do great writing.  Some of the work your child(ren) do we will want to post on our school’s website.  The choice is up to your child (with your permission) and nothing will be posted unless it is allowed.  We will only use grade and first name only for writing and multimedia work.  We will only use grade for pictures.  If you want to allow your child(ren)’s work to be posted to our site, please fill out the  PERMISSION FORM 2 and send it to your child’s teacher.

During the year your child(ren) will be invited to go on school trips.  The “trip slips” will be sent home for you to sign.  If the slip gets lost you can fill out another TRIP SLIP and send it in to the teacher.