Code of Conduct

Ziegler Elementary follows the Code of Conduct set by the School District of Philadelphia.

For copies of the Code of Conduct in languages other than English, please contact The Translation and Interpretation Center at phone number 215-400-4180, or consult the Center’s website – Multilingual Language Pages.

The Purpose of the Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to:

·       outline clear expectations for all school community members

·       provide information about student and parent/guardian rights and supports

·       equip staff with guidelines for addressing student behavior so that our students and school communities can feel safe and grow to be successful.

The School District of Philadelphia provides alternatives to exclusionary discipline in an effort to eliminate disproportionality in discipline practices.

When does the Code of Conduct apply?

The Code of Conduct applies to school community members while they are in school and/or at any school-sponsored activity such as a class trip or a sporting event. The Code of Conduct also applies to all students while they are traveling to and from school, using any mode of transportation, including walking, public transportation, taxi services, etc.

Additionally, the Code of Conduct applies to conduct that occurs off-grounds, virtually, and/or after-hours (including weekends), if the conduct materially impacts the school community (meaning the conduct has a noticeable or considerable impact).